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Bed LED lightning 1.0

February 3, 2013

With idea to equip my bed with LED lights I came up last year on my honeymoon while staying in one beautifull hotel. There are many parts of “pimping” my bed but today I will present just the first one.

In our room we dont have smooth wall which also helped with desireble light effect. We chose orange LED not super bright ones. Orange one is bit relaxing compared to others.

In first part of this project I installed LED’s on top of bed’s headrest pointing up towards sealing. Beacuse of close proximity of wall there is nice spread of light. I drilled 4 holes on top and 4 holes from back for cable connection.





LED’s were insterted into special LED holder, I had plastic and aluminium at spare and chose aluminium one because of surface smoothness. With that under the LED comes small plastic holder which helps with cable managment and LED not moving inside the holder.






I realize that I should use colored cables for positive and negative but I ran out of blue, red, black and white cable for this procjet, that is the reason why two LED’s have all black cables. But to help my self to orientate I have used red and black shrink tube on both ends of LED’s.

I also had to cut small piece of protoboard for power source and LED connector. I have used my lovely Dremel which came handy every time I needed it.



Installing LED holder into drilled holes and pulling out cables trough bottom hole



To mount wires to one place witohut moving I have glued them with hot glue gun verticaly and horizontaly across whole length of wires.



And last the small board on which is connection pins for LED’s and powersource. That is also glued to backside of bad with hot glue.



Final result with light switched on inside room:



And final result with all light off in room. In reality light emitted from LED’s is orange but on pictures it came little bit yellow:



For turning the LED’s on at the moment I am just using direct plug in wall adapter but in project Bed 2.0 I will either install close proximity sensor on each side of bed or laser “trip wire” sensor which I have allready made. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to ask or email me.

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