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Review: Dremel 3000

November 24, 2012

Today I have bought an electrical multitool Dremel 3000. It is designed for various use in different fields like electornics, metal industry, wood carving, grinding and polishing various items. I have bought Dremel 3000 kit wich came with little extender hand tool and small asortiment of various bits and pieces.








I bought it from Conrad Conrad Austria for which I have paid 69€ and for additional 100 piece kit of extra pieaces I have paid 29€ in total it came 98€.

Opening the main box first we stumble uppon gray hard plastic case with handle for carrying. Inside it is tightly packed except of small extention tool which is very hard to lock in position without falling down while closing case.





Small assortiment of selected acessories in main box. It contains some polishing pads with polishing paste, small wrench for mounting evrything to Dremel 3000, cutting and grinding stones with and without Speed Click system which is very handy.



Total size of main Dremel 3000 tool is not that big atlest for my hands, it feels very comftarble in my hands. It is not that heavy either and without major vibrations while in use.




Additional accesories kit came with same asortiment of tools as main Dremel kit just in greater number.






Now to the actual review of Dremel 3000 multitool:

As my first tool I am very happy with it. Main main use of it is for electronics and some furniture modifications. That is also why I have selected general acessories kit instead of other specific kits like polishing kit or engraving kit.

Tool has speed regulations between 5.000 and 33.000 rpm which is quite handy for different usage. On actual tool it is has sliding knob with speed settings OFF, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.

What I have noticed is that on speed 2 which I belive it is 5.000rpm actual speed varies which can be problem in some delicate works. It can be heard very clear that it cannot maintain constant speed and goes up and down non stop. On other speed settings it is not noticable.

From tools I have tested only cutting pad, grinding pads and engraving bit. Cutting pad for steel if I can say it cames equipped with Speed Click system. This system doesn’t have normal screw in part like others, instead it has special mechanism which you pull down, place your pad rotate it and release mechanism so it clamps the pad from under.

I must say that comparing Speed Click and normal way of mounting pads, Speed Click it is definetly faster.

More than that I cannot really say since I havent really used it that much, but I know I wont regreat that buy. It is cheap but great electrical multitool with wide range of use and wide range of optional acessories for mounting, handling and bits to it.

If you have any questions or suggestions about Dremel 3000 multitool feel free to ask in comment box or by e-mail.


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  2. The Dremel spares are costly, be careful to use the correct rpm for its tool. 😉

    • Hello Kiriakos,

      I agree with you about the price of optional gear and replaceable grinding and other sort of pads. Since it is my first this type of hand tool I still need to learn how to use it properly.

      Do you have one also?


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