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Audio: LM386 Amplifier

November 3, 2012

After some time and playing around with my Onkyo Integra amplifier I have decided to start my own little series about beginner amplification. Where to start better then with small LM386 chip which deliver’s of about 0.5W audio power.

LM386 is good for powering headphones or some smaller speakers for portable music players.

Link to my video demonstration of this project:

Here is direct link to PDF for LM386 from NT:

LM386 is capable of opereting in voltage range from 4-12V and 5-18V in my case I am using simple 9V battery for demonstration. Voltage gain of this chip is from 20 to 200 depending on components and wireing sequence.

It is very simple to build it and with very little components. In my build I have used 3 capacitors some wires and LM386 chip. I must admit I have made mistake of not putting resistors in series with my speakers due to testing and not finalizing project.

Here are some photos of finished product, feel free to ask any questions regarding this build.









  1. Chairul Muchlis permalink

    ok my friend, i wait you next project ^_^

    good luck ^_^

  2. Chairul Muchlis permalink

    OMG its work successfull, but the sound of my speaker not good. maybe i used a small ohm and watt speaker.

    btw what power specification you used in your project ?

    thanks a lof before ^_^

    • If you mean what output power of LM386 chip is in my project that would be 250mW since its smaller brother of real LM386.

      Speaker I belive is above 20W.

      Im glad it worked for you too, next time I will be putting on much better amp compared to this one.

  3. Chairul Muchlis permalink

    in your schematics i dont know where the positive and negative capacitor

    • negative side of the capacitor is always closer to the ground for example:

      Capacitor that is connecter to let say pin 20 has the side close to the pin 20 (+) and other side closer to the ground is (-), was this helpfull?

  4. Chairul Muchlis permalink

    can you share the design of PCB ?

    • Capcacitors are polarised so you must be careful how you connect them, PCB schematics are also on my page under this topic last picture.

  5. Chairul Muchlis permalink

    the capacitor is using polar or non polar ?

  6. Chairul Muchlis permalink

    I want schematic and components list,
    can you give in for me ??

    thanks before n good luck my friend

  7. Hello Chairul,

    there are no schematics since I made this my own, but I can try to draw something on paper during this weekend.

  8. Chairul Muchlis permalink

    where the schematic ??

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