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Teardown: Digital Camera Canon PowerShot

September 2, 2012

To continue previous teardown of older analog camera, this time I am posting teardown of an digital camera. In my case it is Canon PowerShot S1 which at time that was bought costed me about 500€. I must say it was quite nice adventure to see what is inside. All was packed and secured with probably 50 screws if not more.

To start teardown I will first post picture of fully assembled camera:




Part where speaker is mounted:



Back side taken apart which uncovers big copper heatshield inside some sort of plastic wrap.



Lifting copper shield up shows mainboard



Under mainboard there is sensor circuit and under that whole lens system lays. On left side flash capacitor rated at 300V is shown next to it eye sight which has small LCD inside which shows actual picture infront of camera:



Little board with all the connections:



Both side of main board which uncovers first series of DIGIC image processors from Canon:



LCD which can rotate around Y axis and move on X axis:



Memory SD card slot which was on right side of camera.



Front lens with evrything still inside it:



Actual image sensor which was hidden behind all those lenses:



Weird motor and gearbox for moving lenses:



Lens system taken apart:



Look of front iris trough one of lenses so I could make close up:



Back curtain which is made from only two blades:



Lens with image stabilization and actual magnets with some weird metal balls in center:




Inside of guts of  camera and show of little solenoid for poping up flash unit:



Hope you enjoyed this little teardown and saw something new. For me biggest surprise was solenoid for activating flash for poping up. Beside that little lcd unit inside eyepiece was also quite interesting thing to see. I just have to figure out how to activate it if it is still working.




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