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LED Flasher

June 3, 2012

For longer time I wanted to create simple controlled LED Flasher. For first version it’s preety big and needs more improvement. Basicly it is circuit with 555n timer few 2n2222 NPN’s, pots and LED’s.


It is constructed of four row’s with white LED’s . Each row has 6 LED’s in it that are all controlled with dedicated 2n2222 NPN transistor since one row pulls up to 120mA. In the end of each row there is diode to prevent backflow.


This is first version of circuit and that is because I don’t have any resisotors infront of LED’s and my potentiometer to controll input power was falsly rated. For connecting LED’s on bottom side of the board I used spare legs from resistors, in that case mostly got clean lines between LED’s. Red wires represent positive and black one’s negative side of circuit. Some joints are preety messy due to my soldering made on the floor freehanded.


Timing of LED flash ON and OFF if controlled with potentiometer and two radial capacitors rated at 50V. Schematics I drew does not have potentiometer for power control in it.


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  1. How much is Vcc?

  2. Hej there,

    D1, D2, D3, D4 are simplde diodes which prevent currenct flow in wrong dirrection. It is mearly a safety thing.

  3. Amanteous permalink

    What is D1…D4?

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