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Audio amplifier RIZ P3060

May 28, 2012

For past few years I had two audio amplifiers that didn’t work and just rested in storage room. First one is from ex-Yugoslavia company named RIZ model P3060. I am not 100% shure but it should be 2x75W RMS. Other one is Onkyo Integra M5060R 2x225W RMS.


First I took apart RIZ one and well its preety old and dirty. The moment I opened it I saw that the main Capacitor is leaking on one side. It is very strange cap for me since on one side it shares same Ground pin but on other side it hat two Positive pins for output. Capacitor is rated at 2x4700uF at 40V.Image

Amplifier has one really big but light main transformer and only two glass fuses that are not even near the main input which is strange. Beside broken capacitor also front panel lightning doesnt wrok. If  you look closely to the line of resistors above main cap you can see that they have very strange texture like sombody spilled acid on them. They look more like moon surface then resistors.


Here are some more pictures of the amplifier above:





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  1. It is polish made amplifier, Unitra WS-432, It was exported all over europe and sold under many brands, RIZ was one of them

  2. spuzz permalink

    I have and still use same RIZ amp, (complet with RIZ EQ, tuner tape deck and speakers)

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