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Cabin Shower LED lightning

February 27, 2012

This project came up to my idea back when i moved to this new apartment. It has standing shower cabin without lightning, so i decided to put some in.  I have tried searching on youtube and google but I really havent found anything usefull that was made by the users itself and not by the manufacturers like IKEA with their LED kits.

As base i took that it had to be powered with 9V so that there is no real danger + i dont have any wall sockets nearby. To mount evrything i had to use glue gun (PATEX) since the shower cabin belongs to the apartment owner and not me, otherwise i would drill holes for LED’s and switch which would also give better inside lightning.

I used 4 bright white LED’s which i connected them in parallel via one small resistor close to switch, and glued evrything to the inside of the shower cabin. Hot glue also took care of some “water resistance” since I paid attention to cover all exposed wires and pins even on the battery and switch which is located outside. I glued Switch direclty to battery but this is just temporary solution. Battery and switch is mounted on plastic of shower cabin via some verlcro tape to avoid any damage to paint.

Overall result is quite good certantly not the best, it would definitly be better with 2 more LED’s somehow directed to the cabin cealing. All in all costed me almost nothing, i got 100 LED’s from broken light bulb(220V), 2x 9V batteries for 1€ and the switch i had in stock (about 1€+)

I made shure that cables have enough free movement with sliding door closing and opening

Sorry for bad picture quality that is all my Iphone can do in darker conditions.

If you would like to see video of evrything in action feel free to clik on following link:

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