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Newly multimeter and allready broken

February 19, 2012

As you all know recently i bought new digital multimeter Uni-T UT71D for about 150€. And after about a week now its starting to show problems and faults.

For instance yesterday multimeter was working normaly but today when i turned it on SURPSRISE 😀

When i select Resistance range on multimeter with probes unatached it is giving constant Error and beeping like crazy. Also when i set it to measure Capacitance and i hook up a capacitor it gives Error and constantly beeping. Same thing goes for Continuity when i touch probes it gives Error.

I really didn’t expect to see that happening so soon , more or less i didnt expect it to happen in near future but this just proves the quality you get from some cheap China brands with preety packaging.

I will definetly conctact the buyer about this and demand money back since this is absurd.

Here is link to quick video demonstration of faults i described above:

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  1. It’s only the UT61 series from them and their clamps that are good the others are shit
    Don’t get auto ranging, huh ?

  2. Just to clarify things out what it says in manual: When selecting High count mode measures will not be affected only speed of measuring. With lower count mode speed will significaly increese.

    And the problem started suddenly, since meter was in high count mode from first day. Other than that its not worth its 150€ I allready retrend it back.

    You pay 150€ and you dont get auto ranging meter? aint that bad?

  3. Fox permalink

    You turned on High feature, it seen on video, high is blinking. Press setup and turn it off. And read manual!

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