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Multimeter UT71D from Uni-T flaws

February 16, 2012

I decided do check my new multimeter little bit indepth and to see if there are any big flaws in it. And yes there are many major flaws that can harden the work with some small current or voltage circuits. For instance do not trust what Uni-T has written on their official webpage about the info of theri multimeter. It is very lousy multimeter and i feel relly sorry that i paid 150€ for it.- Nowhere on webpage or in manual it is described what is the range of HOLD PEAK,  MAX/MIN and how does HOLD function work. This part is very decieving from side of company since potential buyer would think that multimeter can measure PEAK and MAX/MIN like it is rated, but no multimeter can measure maximum from – 4V to +4V, not even on main desplay. When you put more than 4V it give you overload.
– When using function MAX/MIN without anything connected to the probes, as soon as the button is pressed, multimeter gives some random values on MAX and MIN side like -0.064V  and +0.154V and with that fault how can user measure somthing accurate if it is not set to -0  +0V?
– Hold function with normal meter is made so when the user presses HOLD multimeter waits for the user to connect probes to circuit and multimter should record the value that it gets feedback from probes. But this multimeter when you press HOLD it just instantly freezes display doesnt matter if it is conencted or no it just holds whatever is on display.
– Same goes for the PEAK HOLD same problems as HOLD function plus it can go max to -4V to +4V, and on begining it gives random numbers.
– On the PCB between input jacks fro 10A and 400mA  there is big screw inside PCB and somthing is soleder between. With that there are two problems. 1st It give no Spark gap between inputs, and 2. it is lousy job which also diferentiets resistance trough trace and just to solder some part on screw is really low quality work.- When switching between ranges probes give some output, havent measure it yet but it is enough that LED blinks if it is connected to them. I dont really think this is healthy for some delicate circuits.
Based on my multimeter if others are like this i strongly recommend DO NOT BUY PRODUCTS FROM UNI-T!!!
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