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Multimeter Uni-T UT71D Teardown

February 9, 2012

Today my mail(lady) 😀 brought me a package…aaaa who doesnt love packages in the morning:D  Not to my surprise inside was item that I ordered on saturday: Uni-T UT71D Digital Multimeter. I could’t resist but to take some pictures of unpackaging and sort of  a teardown. All in all i can say for the first impression I am very satisfied. Found few flaws in my opinion but its jsut the way it is.
– Probe cables ar hard as hell guess they are made from tought plastic

– Continuity test fails all the way here 😀 even on my old multimeter without that function is better 🙂
– Not shure about following: Temperature leads doesnt look like to be “original” ones

Here are some photos of evrything.

One Comment
  1. John Hendry permalink

    Glass fuses? Comon… You can see parts in the meter have been replaced. Looks like a clone. The lower model UT61E is better equipped with HRC fuses and now I’m hearing of some UT61E’s without them showing this UT line is being cloned big time. I’d send it back to stop this nonsense. You say a one second delay in test for testing continuity? That’s behind even the cheapest meter made and not what you paid for. They know shipping costs prevent many from sending this fake stuff back but if you and other don’t it will only get worse. I’ve decided to go with the Fluke 87V purchased direct and been done with it. More than I need… but who knows.

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